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Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

The kitchen can be designed in three ways

1) Advice and information on this website plus telephone support, should enable the creative customer or their interior designer to design their own kitchen. We will help with advice, sketches and suggestions by fax or email.

2) Send us a dimensioned drawing of your kitchen, together with your ideas and suggestions and for the sum of £150 (redeemable on order) we will design your kitchen with you. (see sample quotes above. If you cannot see the drawings please request that we email you some sample quotes)

3) Our designer can visit your home and discuss your exact requirements, supplying full drawings for the sum of £50 plus travel expenses, plus the £150 redeemable design fee as above.

You can download sample quotes (emails) with drawings by using the following links, but if you want to see them displayed properly you may have to right click on them and save them to to your desktop, then click on them to open them....
quote1 quote2 quote3  (prices are now plus 5%)

You will note that within the dimensions specified in the price list that there is no surcharge for non standard cupboard widths. It is often therefore possible to have a whole run of cabinets with equal width doors, without an annoying gap at one end. When we design a kitchen we often do not even try to match the width of the wall cupboards to the base cupboards below. Instead we often choose to have much narrower doors on the upper cupboards so that they do not stick out too much at head height when opened.

We are able to supply any unit, cupboard, island unit or shelving that you care to design. Often open shelves are an inexpensive and attractive alternative.

We can supply them in a style and finish to match or compliment the rest of the kitchen. Plate racks, shelves and accessories of solid wood often look good with a painted kitchen. We can make these or you may ask us to design the kitchen to incorporate favourite old pieces of furniture.

We guarantee that any kitchen designed and supplied by us under the Border County brand will always be repairable or extendable. Furthermore we commit ourselves to the highest standard of service for existing customers, for work under guarantee, later repairs and modifications.

Except locally to our workshop we are not usually able to install kitchens, but we do supply fitting instructions for your installer, and we will, on delivery, spend an hour or two, as required, discussing the installation with you or your installer. Our cupboards are amongst the easiest to install. Most units are fully built, not flat packed, and all base units have adjustable legs. Each run of wall cabinets is supported on a wall batten levelled and fixed before mounting the cabinets. Plenty of space is allowed behind cabinets for services.

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