Border County Kitchens

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Design Manual

Not fully available on line, but here are a couple of drawings to help you get started. We can also email you some sample quotes, with drawings. quote1

This drawing shows a vertical section through the base and wall cabinets. Wall cabinets can be any height of course.

Remember cabinets can be any width, you can choose to make all the doors in one run of cabinets the same width.

We don't see the need to fit say a 600mm wall cabinet above a 600mm base unit. We just design each run to suit. We tend to keep wall cabinet doors narrower than those on the lower units, just so that they don't get in the way so much, and they look less cumbersome.

The standard nominal gap between the back of the cabinet and the wall, for pipework etc, is 59mm. If you require more please specify this.

This drawing shows the use of the spacers between cabinets. The doors come flush with the front of the spacer, the doors being 18mm thick plus about 2mm clearance.

The use of the spacers, plus end panels similarly protruding 20mm, give a much better appearance to the cabinets, you see more than just doors and drawer fronts.

Extending this idea further you can have wider spacers between cabinets, maybe 70mm wide, giving an even more traditional appearance, but with some sacrifice in internal space. 70mm wide spacers could be made into fluted columns. Not really shaker!



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