Border County Kitchens
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Price List / Estimate Form December 07 ( PLEASE see note) (Prices all plus 10% from July 2010)

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Standard Kitchen, "Blum" type 110 degree hinges, 18mm dividers Shaker Style. Workshop primed.  
Note on prices
Price each
Single Door up to 600mm or so wide.... £197    
Corner Unit (blank panel).... £262    
Single Door with Drawer up to 600 wide.... £242    
Double door up to 1200 wide.... £295    
Double door with single drawer up to 800 wide.... £355    
3 Drawer Cupboard up to 600 wide.... £315    
4 Drawer Cupboard up to 600 wide.... £355    
1 shallow top drawer plus two pan drawers up to 800 wide £355    
2 deep pan drawer cupboard up to 800 wide £323    
Belfast Base Unit, Single Door £262    
Belfast Base Unit, Double Doors £316    
Low Oven Housing 600mm wide.... £78    
Low Oven Housing with Drawer.... £124    
(The above may not be necessary if there are cabinets either side of oven, if so you may require:-)    
Oven Support.... £26    
OR Oven support with Drawer.... £72    
End Panels Base Units, each.... £31    
Structural End (supports worktop) £47    
Under worktop Appliance Door (for integrated fridge, dishwasher etc) £66    
Mondo Carousel Corner Unit with doors NEW DESIGN £435    
Tall Appliance Housing or Larder Cupboard , 1 full door £393    
Additional Doors for above £54    
Tall Oven Housing, 2 doors or 1 door plus 1 drawer £393    
End Panel for Tall Housing £39    
WALL CUPBOARDS up to about 800 high....      
Single Door up to 600 wide (but doors on upper unit best 400 wide or less).... £176    
Corner Cupboard (blank panel).... £242    
Double Door up to 800 or so wide.... £262    
Open Cupboard up to 800 wide.... £131    
L-shaped Open Corner Cupboard, straight shelves £269    
L-shaped Open Corner Cupboard, curved £430    
End Panels for wall units each.... £22    
DRESSER TOPS (stand on worktops height to top of wall units, bases from standard units)      
Dresser Top with 1 glass doors and 2 drawers, up to about 500 or so wide.... 349    
Dresser Top with two glass doors and two drawers, worktop mounted. Up to about 800 or so wide.... 387    
Tall end panels for above each.... £26    
Tall Dresser Top (Larder) 2 doors with 2 panels each £366    
Other Dressers please ask      
SCRIBES (fill-in instead of end panels where unit meets a wall)      
Scribe piece for base or wall unit £11    
Scribe piece for tall unit £16    
Wall Boiler Cupboard 1 Door from £200    
Wall Boiler Cupboard 2 Doors from £260    
Other Boiler Cupboards, Island Units, Extractor Housings etc please ask for quote.      
No standard widths except where required for appliances.      
Glass doors per door £12    
Above prices are for Shaker Style doors, Cottage Style doors less £10 per door. -£10    
We can supply kitchens with 50mm styles and brass butt hinges, about plus £35 per door. £35    
PAINTING (where appropriate)      
Two coats of eggshell, inside and out.... 25% of cost of the cabinets without worktops and installation 25% of *    
Two coats of eggshell, inside only.... 10% of cost of the cabinets without worktops and installation 10% of *    
PLUS Additional standing charge per colour for Dulux Diamond Eggshell £27    
Total Including Painting....
Chipboard with oiled hardwood edge for tiling, per metre from.... £48    
Zinc worktops, per metre from....(discontinued)      
Maple worktops, per metre from.... (subject to confirmation) £220    
(Iroko and Oak about same price, Oak plus 15%)
  More info on worktops      
Standard shaker handles, each £2    
Standard shaker drawer pulls, each £2    

Other handles please ask...

DELIVERY, ground floor, except where help is available, includes advice on installation...

Gwent....   free    
London....   £200    
INSTALLATION Etc. (where appropriate)
Removal of old kitchen (but not disposal).... £150
Installation per cupboard, per appliance door £53    
Per end panel.... or per scribe to wall.... £12    
Worktops.... we will quote      
Total with delivery, installation and painting if required....
Above prices exclude plumbing, electrical work, building and plastering work, removal of old tiles, tiling etc.      
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