Border County:- The Landlords Kitchen

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Border County Kitchens for Rental Properties

Our kitchens are suitable for both the discerning owner occupier and the rental market. The demands of the rental market are high. Consider the following requirements of a landlord not wanting to renew a kitchen every few years:-

1) Timeless design, combined with the ability to repair, remodel and refinish as required by fashion, hard use or misuse.

2) Easy access to plumbing and electrics for maintenance and repair. (Removable backs can be specified for base units and are always fitted on sink units)

3) The ability to use freestanding appliances rather than expensive and non interchangeable integrated appliances, yet still have the possibility of hiding them behind closed doors. This allows eventual replacement with more recent models simply and quickly without major surgery.

4) The facility to specify non standard units to best fit non standard spaces, to hide existing services and ugly room features, to best make use of alcoves and attractive features and to generally help squeeze a quart into a pint pot. All this without major extra cost. Non standard dressers, island units, boiler cupboards are no problem.

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